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Unique Gifts For a Baby Shower

Everybody at that shower will likely give the usual; diapers, burp rags and all in ones. You want to give something more, something memorable. Something that will make the new mother squeal with delight. It is not difficult, you just have to use your imagination a little bit and be willing to think “outside the box.”

Consider a rocking horse. It is an old-fashioned toy, but kids love to ride them. Of course, it will not be something that baby can use right away, but it will not be long before he or she can, and it will make for many hours of enjoyment. Babies love to be swaddled and held close. Swaddle wraps and shoulder slings are great ideas for keeping baby happy and feeling safe. They come in many colours and designs, so choosing one should not be difficult. Mom will be thankful to have a swaddle or shoulder sling. They will allow her to do other things while the baby is sleeping inside. If you know the sex of the baby, it is much easier to buy something personal.

If you know what the parents plan to name the baby, you are batting a thousand. You could give personalized baby gifts with the baby’s name on it. New mothers love getting things with their baby’s name on it.

Personalized baby gift baskets full of different things baby needs are a hit as well. Ask the new mom beforehand what colours she is decorating the nursery in and find a basket that will match as it makes a great nursery room accessory and she is sure to use it for years in the baby’s room if it matches.

Do not forget about the new mother when considering buying shower gifts. There are many books on the market ranging in subject matter from taking care of the baby to taking care of mom during the first years of her child’s life. These books are very helpful and entertaining and will give her many ideas and advise to help her through the tough times as a new mother.

Siblings of the new baby will be excited as well for the upcoming birth. Being a big sister or brother is a big deal. Give them a gift of matching t-shirts that say “I’m the big sister” or “I’m the big brother” so he or she can be proud of the new addition. It does not matter how much money you have to spend, it is the thought that counts.

When you give a gift that you have put a great deal of thought into, it definitely shows. The new mom will be impressed by your thoughtfulness and be very thankful for your consideration. Do not be afraid to think “outside the box” when deciding on what to gift for a baby shower.

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