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Best Gifts for Homeowners

When most people think about Best Gifts for Homeowners, most thoughts tend to drift towards items that work well in the kitchen or bedroom, even the bathroom; but very few people tend to think of decor that might be used to spruce up a hallway. A hallway presents a unique opportunity for personalizing a home. Hallways can become a fun, funky, break from otherwise neutrally designed rooms, or provide a feeling of continuity from one room to another, with elements of both rooms tied into the colour scheme or furnishings.

Best of all, the new homeowners will be thrilled you took a chance on breaking away from traditional gifting. he first thing you might want to consider when picking out a gift for new homeowners is do they share a sense of the same style or are they two completely different individuals? Don’t be afraid to ask them what style of furnishings they are most interested in or what colours they prefer. In fact, they’ll most likely thank you for it. If they’re going for an ultra-modern vibe, select a really sleek coat rack that will aid in giving their space a more polished look. If they’re incorporating certain colours into their design scheme, you can find some coat racks with coloured knobs that may fit in. If not, a single tone in a neutral shade like silver, white, or black should do the trick.

You can’t go wrong with a great piece of art or two to bring the hallway space to life. Gifts of art for new homeowners may include pieces for the wall that tie in colour schemes or themes, or fabulous sculptured art that can be displayed on small stands that don’t take up too much room. If they’re a more unique couple, a piece of art that generates lively discussion will be the perfect present to help them start out in their new life together and be a fun conversation piece every time someone new spies the art for the first time.

How about a rug, perhaps a runner to match a colour pulled from other pieces in the hall to tie it all together, or maybe a tall vase the can be nestled into a corner of the hall as a makeshift umbrella stand? Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and gift them for a part of the home that most people tend to forget about. Whatever gift for the new homeowners you come up with, as long as they see you’ve taken the time to think about their style and preferences, they’re going to be grateful and absolutely amazed with your thoughtfulness.

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